The Hoaxters, Full, Original 1952 Film



Below is the full, 36 minute, 1952 original propaganda film produced in satanic Hollywood for “The Big 3”; Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union. You won’t find it anywhere but here because it contains too much footage of large gatherings promoted by jewed governments and attended by gullible but patriotic citizens from around the world.

The satanic jews don’t want yous seeing or doing that today! So, they created a shill company aptly called “Periscope Films” to buy the rights to it and other films like it so they can determine what remains to be seen by the public. In this case they edited The Hoaxters film down to 21 minutes and scrubbed the full version completely off the net!

Sound incredible? Yep, that’s what frequently happens when you’re dealing with lying, satanic psychopaths! For instance, did you know Hitler was an “AshkeNAZI” jew hired and funded by the satanic royalty of England and American satanic jews like Prescott Bush. (George Jrs’ grampa and yes, that’s where the word “nazi” comes from and means! Nazis were, and still are, jews.)

This is all about “controlling the opposition”. They put their patsy pal Adolph in place to round up jews in Germany for their own safety because the German people were awakening to the same reality that YOU are now. They were beginning to kill jews in the streets exactly like the jewess in our movie “When Do We Leave” warns is what is going to happen to jews again soon!

There was no holocaust, only a mass round up of kikes for their own protection then immigration to other countries, mostly Israel and the U.S.! This time they think they’re going to be able to run away to Israel and other communist countries like China where over 50 “ghost cities” have been built just for them! But guess what . . . they’re not going to make it through what comes!

Yep, it’s THE END for the psychopathic jews, the satanic jews! And their entire purpose was to deceive, oppress and murder YOUs! See if you can connect a few more dots right now . . .


Download The Hoaxters (36 Minutes, 362 MB .mp4)

It’s all about LIES from LIARS. See if you can see through their BS about nukes;


Download Fidel Castro (42 Minutes, 176 MB .mp4)